Article Pursuing ‘net winners’ of Ponzi schemes – choice of jurisdiction
Privy Council Confirms liquidators of Ponzi Scheme cannot re-adjust losses after liquidation: Divergence from US Approach
Article The value of appointing liquidators in the BVI to recover debts
Creditors of British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) incorporated companies are often concerned that by the time they obtain an order from the BVI Court placing the
Article First reported BVI Court order to pool liquidation estates
Liquidators from Grant Thornton have obtained the first reported order from the BVI Court to pool the assets and liabilities of related liquidation estates.
Article Update on Standing to Challenge Decisions of BVI Liquidators
In our last update we commented on the tests applied by the BVI Courts when considering both the standing to challenge the decisions of BVI Liquidators and
Article The funding of BVI insolvencies and Grant Thornton’s innovative approach
Grant Thornton are often appointed as Liquidators/Receivers in situations where insufficient funding is available
Article The Power of US discovery in a BVI liquidation – part II
When investigating fraud or other dissipation of assets, we often come across email addresses which are used in the fraud
Article Who has standing to challenge decisions of BVI Liquidators and in what circumstances?
Court of Appeal reaffirms principles applying to challenges to Liquidators’ Actions
Article Overcoming difficulties faced overseas by Liquidators appointed by shareholders’ resolution
BVI Court Confirms Liquidators were Duly Appointed by Shareholders Resolution
Article GT BVI appointed as Receivers under the BVI Arbitration Act – a first for BVI
BVI Court utilises provisions of BVI Arbitration Act for the first time to appoint Receivers from Grant Thornton over a BVI company