Shareholders may wish to liquidate an entity for a variety of reasons, we're here to help.

Grant Thornton (British Virgin Islands) Limited has significant expertise in conducting voluntary liquidations for a range of BVI registered entities, including:

  • Regulated and unregulated investment funds
  • Property holding entities
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Segregated portfolio companies
  • Regulated insurance companies

We use the planning phase of the liquidation to communicate with the stakeholders as appropriate in order to develop an understanding of key issues that may be likely to affect the liquidation process and to develop strategies to mitigate such circumstances or recommend appropriate actions to simplify delivery of the liquidation as efficiently and economically as possible.

We often work closely and collaboratively with the client’s legal and other advisors in a number of jurisdictions to carefully plan the most efficient approach to protect and discharge creditor claims and maximise returns to shareholders.